Morgan E. Perlis, Structural Integration


Morgan E. Perlis SI educates you to use your body more efficiently and will empower you in revealing its full potential. You will find it easier to move your body and will feel invigorated by this work. During the Structural Integration 10-series, I work on your body to discover its optimal alignment. I educate you on the most efficient ways to do daily activities during functional movement lessons at the end of each session. I eliminate structural imbalances and rotations and educate you on how to keep your body limber and your movements fluid. My practice is located in the Kensington/ Ditmas Park area of Brooklyn, NY conveniently located near public transportation. I use a high-quality table specifically made for Structural Integration by Robert Hunter. The New School of Structural Integration 10-series is transformative. This work displays a profound effect on the body’s alignment (similar to ten years of yoga.) Schedule today to experience your body in a whole new way and expand your sense of well being!

Mission Statement-

My practice is held to the highest degree of personal attention and presence. I am dedicated to creating a luxurious environment in which clients feel truly seen. My use of the Structural integration recipe’ s essence is defined by empowering clients to develop the tools to use their body most efficiently, be more present, more aware of their bodies and energy.

I am currently in the student intern phase at New School of Structural Integration (NEWSSI) in Laguna Beach, CA and starting my practice in Brooklyn, NY. For more information about the benefits of Structural Integration please visit my school’s webpage- New School of Structural Integration. NEWSSI has a facebook page!

To set up appointments or inquire about rates via email-
or call (203) 550-2132.

I accept cash, checks and all major credit cards using Square Register as payment. For more info click here.

Book appointments online using google calendar!

After one un-excused no-show or last minute cancellation, a fee will be charged. Please make sure that you are commited when booking appointments.

I look forward to working with you!


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